“The truth will bring you far in life” my grandfather said to me in a speech, when I was 14 years old.

I have been living by that sentence ever since. 

Hello beautiful souls!

My name is Karina Emin.

I am born in Denmark by a Danish mother and a father from Northern Cyprus.

My psychic capabilities have been pasted on to me by my fathers family.

Emin is my father’s first name and simply means “honest” – it sets a standard for a life that will always be good to live by.

Angels speak through me to you.

I love helping people and have made it my mission to reminding you of who you are.

Honestly I haven’t always believed in myself. My self-worth has sometimes been so low that I didn’t see the point of living. This led me to one day asking myself “Who am I and why am I here?” And I realized, there is a very good chance that, who I am today and who I am meant to be, are very different.

That is because most of our beliefs did not come from ourselves. They came from other people. They came from our parents, siblings, classmates, or even our teachers.

So the point is, if you have any negative beliefs about yourself, is that really you, who believes that? Or was it someone who made you believe that about yourself based on their beliefs about the world?

The struggles and obstacles I’ve had to overcome in my life have made me the one I am today, and could fill a book in itself. My family taught me by living a life being honest, and by staying true to my own beliefs, I could achieve anything I want to achieve.

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My Mission, passions and purpose

My mission is to help you discover how to live an incredible, unstoppable, successful life, just by changing the way you believe in your self and how you think about yourself.

I have always been highly Intuitive and throughout my life I’ve been interested in psychology, spirituality and personal growth. I’ve always been very curious and studied a lot, and what I’ve learned is that we are powerful spiritual beings, who have the ability to create the life we want by learning how to focus on our true desires.

A very important mentor of mine, taught me: Thoughts become things “if you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand” – Bob Proctor

When we expand our awareness upon ourselves, we will have a better understanding about, who we are and why we are here.

The first you will meet when you visit me in my home are my dogs.

My father is the one, who gave me the possibility to grow up with dogs and he taught me how to train them from a very young age. I have been training dogs since I was 9 years old.

I have learned after so many years working with dogs, that dogs are completely at home in their environment. However, unlike chameleons and other animals that blend into their environment, you and I are totally disoriented in ours.

Now why is that?
And what can dogs teach us?

It’s because the universe gave us mental faculties to create our own environment, and fully and effectively; using those mental faculties allows us to create any life and environment we want.

Together with my father I share this huge passion for dogs and we are a breeder of the Japanese Breed called Shiba Inu. The first Shiba Inu I bought was in a period of my life where I was dealing with a lot of personal challenges and in that time I felt, that Bobby was heaven sent to guide me back to myself and my purpose.
See more about my breeding here

Dogs are angels who came to earth to teach us about unconditional love.
This article explains well, why I believe that dogs are spiritual animals: The spiritual mission of dogs 

Besides dogs I am a huge music lover and I love to sing. I love long walks in nature with my dogs, especially on the beach. I am in love with sunsets and I travel as much as I can to explore new cultures and try different kind of food, I always have my dogs with me.

My purpose on this earth is to help you on your spiritual journey and to inspire you to live a life you truly desire.

It is to help you look within with honesty and authenticity.

I use my gifts as well as my past experiences to help you navigate through your life situation right now.

Sometimes it can feel like a very lonely journey, I am here to ease your mind, giving you the guidance that you need to move forward.

I have a Bachelor in Psychology from Aalborg University in Denmark

I have taken courses by Bob Proctor and studied his material since 2016.

Since then I have had my own personal mentor, Oddmund Berger, who were mentored by and personal friends with Bob Proctor for more than 20 years.


Did you know that your dog, in addition to keeping you company, has come with a spiritual mission to support you in the most difficult moments of your life?

Dogs are creatures that are carried away by love, affection and care.
They are honest, loyal, and extremely faithful.
Yes, they are animals but they have a way of being that has earned them the title of “Man’s best friend.”
Then, you can also believe that the dogs can be angels that walk among us with a special mission for humanity.

Dogs are emotional therapists, they would never hesitate to approach you and give you a kiss and accompany you if you feel sad or discouraged.
Your mission can be dedicated to a single person or to an entire group.
Many dogs do impressive tasks with one person or can impact an entire group of people like a family. A canine pet in a family becomes an inseparable friend, but there are some secrets behind that friendship.

Written by Shirley Persad.

They are energetic protectors

Dogs are protective angels that absorb unbalanced vibrations from both you and the places you inhabit. They are then purged with water, plants and other elements.

They even sacrifice for you when there are bad energies that can affect you.

They know what their mission is and they don’t hesitate to protect you from whatever it is.

Some sudden dog deaths are due to those strong energies they absorb.

A good way to purge that bad energy from the animals is by giving them a lot of affection and affection. The caresses make them happy.

Beyond what you believe, they choose you and not the other way around. Even when you have the opportunity to “choose” among many puppies, the one who has chosen you will approach you and win your trust and affection for you to select him. And you will know that you have chosen well, but it was not you who chose.

Dogs are faithful. Every day they will show you humility and unconditional love.

You will never feel that your dog has forgotten you because he always comes to greet you, wags his tail with happiness when you see you even if it has only been 5 minutes since they stopped seeing you.

Canine angels can create such a special bond that even the death of the person they loved the most can depress them to the point of letting themselves die because their mission no longer has an end in the world, they no longer find meaning in life.

Cases have been known that the loss of a human friend leads these pets to suffer from an “eternal” wait, the hope that he will return, and if they understand that he is gone forever, they allow themselves to die to meet him on another plane of conscience.

They are connected with very high vibrations and are incredibly sensitive.

They are capable of perceiving much more than you imagine, they are energy radars, they are always alert even when you see them resting.

They have an impressive auditory sensitivity, as well as their smell and vision. They can see through dimensions and planes that people cannot perceive.

That is why they become restless and anxious in the presence of a strange presence.

On a personal level, they will always be aware of their owner and the family that has welcomed them. They ensure that everything is always in harmony. When they feel sadness, depression, heartbreak or any negative feelings, they look for a way to improve your mood.

The movement of its tail emits vibrational waves that harmonize the environment.

They are signs of love.

Dogs are the best friends, the best life companions; They are playful and innocent, they are simply elevated beings in evolution that go on 4 legs making your life happy.